Rainstick Making Instructions



  1. Using the end of the tube, trace two circles in the flat cardboard. Cut these disks out and trim them to fit the ends of the tube. Do not secure them to the tube. Put them aside for later.
  2. Using the tip of the Phillips head screwdriver, create holes in the sides of the cardboard tube; stagger the holes around the tube--don't follow a pattern (see example). Make sure that the screwdriver you are using make holes that are the right size for a toothpick to be inserted and held in place snugly.
  3. Using the scissors, cut toothpicks into different lengths. Only make each toothpick into two pieces and make sure you have enough pieces to fill each hole.
  4. Push the toothpicks halves into the holes. Select random lengths and place them into random holes.
  5. Once all the holes are filled with toothpicks, take the puzzle glue and using a brush, paint the entire outside of the tube with glue. This will help secure the toothpicks.
  6. When the glue is dry, take one cardboard disk and place it on one end of the tube. Use the masking tape to secure it. A good way to do this is to first run a piece of tape around the edge of the disk, with the bottom of the tape sticking to the tube. Then drape more tape across the disk and sticking them to the tube (see drawing).
  7. With the closed end down, pour rice into the tube. After the first handful, place your hand over the open end and turn the tube upside down. Listen to the rice fall (that is the sound of the raintstick). If the duration of the sounds is too short, add more rice. Be careful not to add too much rice, because too much won't fall through the toothpicks smoothly and therefore won't make the ideal sound.
  8. Once you have your preferred amount of rice, seal the open end the same way as you sealed the first end.
  9. Use the two pieces of felt to wrap over each end of the tube. Pull it down tight and secure it using the masking tape. Be sure to keep the tape below the end of the tube so that you can cover it up later.
  10. Use the yarn or string to wrap around the ends of the tube, covering the masking tape. To decorate, place various items (flowers, leaves, feathers, etc.) within the yarn or string. If you wrap the yarn/string tight enough, it will hold the items in place. Place a small piece of masking tape over the bottom of the item. Then continually wrap the yarn/string around the bottom until the tape is covered and the item is snug. Place the items wherever they look good.
  11. Use the flat material to wrap around the majority of the tube. There are various ways to secure the material based on what material you use and what glue, tape, etc. you have available.
  12. When you are finished decorating the tube, you are finished with your rainstick.