The Demon Extulizar, Part II: Coming For Payback

The Demon Extulizar is ready for payment
His debtors are those who I stepped on
And threw aside for my gain
They want retribution
And Extulizar seeks their payment
The payment is my blood

But I am not ready to pay
My mission is unfinished
My payment is not ready
I must strive for more success
I must keep ahead of Extulizar
The Demon Extulizar must not get the retribution
For the vanquished

I have success granted to me
From Extulizar
Extulizar took what I needed
From those who would lose it
I took what I wanted
To achieve my gain

I have seen my fear
I fear what I've become
But I will not pay Extulizar
I will pay my victims
By paying their descendants

Copyright © 1996 by Marc Osman